La buona novella

Fabrizio De André
Release year: 1970
Original Cover

"un ladro non muore di meno"
Fabrizio De André - Il Testamento di Tito


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Background Story

La buona novella is the name of the fourth album by my favourite Italian singer-songwriter Fabrizio De André. Its plot revolves around the New Testament.

That’s why it was heavily criticized During the students’ protests period. many regarded it as conservative, anachronistic and generally uncompatible with the idea of social change promoted by the protests. Also given De André sympathies towards anarchism, left-libertarianism and pacifism. His songs often featured marginalized and rebellious people, Romani, prostitutes and knaves, and attacked the Catholic Church hierarchy.

“Il Testamento di Tito” is the masterpiece of the album. They are the last words of Titus, one of the thieves being crucified on the side of Jesus. He explains, from his point of view, the Ten Commandments, with all their contradictions and false truths. Saying that even though he didn’t respect any of them, he never felt any sorrow or guilt. Then, before dying, he tells his mother that “in seeing this man who is dying, Mother, I feel sorrow. In the piety that doesn’t yield to resentment, Mother, I learned love.”

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