Four Dots

Sleepers' Reign
Release year: 2013
Original Cover

"and who's there now to still my endless hunger"
Sleepers' Reign - Four Dots


Self made in Photoshop.


Neuzeit Grotesk designed by Wilhelm C. Pischner.

Background Story

The first two albums, and two complete opposite stories. This young Belgian band was born in 2010, and the single Four Dots came out in 2013. There is no fancy tale around how I got into it. Spotify’s Discover Weekly suggested to me. But it was love at first sight, there were many mornings when I only listened to this in loop.

It’s like the different kind of friendships you encounter when you go to live abroad. You have your childhood friends. The ones that you may grow apart from, that you don’t talk to that often. But whenever you do, it’s like the years didn’t pass by. Then you have your newer friends, they are in no way less important. They also know you, and you know them. But just in a different, more modern fashion. Who’s to say what’s better?

In this cover I tried to mix the artist’s name with the song title. So you have 4 dots that seem suspended in an oneiric space. They are moving, getting far from each other, but still connected but a light halo.