Release year: 2011
Original Cover

"Ma il paradiso mio sta solo nei tuoi fianchi "
Mannarino - Maddalena


Illustration made by @g.nokio

Background Story

I knew Mannarino very superficially before meeting a friend of mine, who is also the creator of this illustration. He is the one that made me listen closely to Mannarino’s songs. I immediately become addicted to the lyrics and the informal poetry that are a trademark of this singer.

The words that you see on the cover (“for the wine, for the women, for the fights”) are taken by the song “Maddalena”. It tells the story of Judas, a half drunk criminal, who is in love with Maddalena. He betrays Jesus by delivering him to the guards to save his beloved from the inspectors’ violent questioning. He doesn’t care about eternal damnation or salvation, because the only paradise he can find is just “in Maddalena’s hips”.

I like this song because it is a different, more human perspective of a story known to all.

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