Massive Attack
Release year: 1997-1998
Original Cover

"Teardrop on the fire
Of a confession"
Massive Attack - Teardrop


Photography: Nick Knight Art direction and design: Tom Hingston and Robert Del Naja

Background Story

This album is so fascinating. From the music production part to the visual design. That’s why I wanted to pay homage to it by just using a screenshot of Google image search.

The album was meant to be released in December 1997, but was delayed by four months. — Fraught by doubt and paranoia, Massive Attack struggled to lay down the tracks for their third album as 3D spent hours in the studio “making tracks, tearing them apart, f***ing them up, panicking, then starting again.” —
Hanson, Amy. All Music

3D is Robert Del Naja, is the founding member of Massive Attack. He’s emerged at first as a visual artist and graffiti painter. That’s why he also art directed the visual design of Mezzanine. He’s one of my personal heroes because of his artist genius but also his political stands The only issue is that he supports Napoli football team, given that his father is from Naples. Oh well, nobody can be perfect ;)

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