The Year of Hibernation

Youth Lagoon
Release year: 2011
Original Cover

" You'll make real friends quickly. But not me."
Youth Lagoon - Posters


Self-made illustration.

Background Story

A good friend of mine introduced to Youth Lagoon few years back. He just came back from a long trip in Mongolia and we met for a recap dinner/drinks. After more than a couple of beers we moved to his flat to continue drinking and listen to some tunes. One of the tunes played was this album, with its first track “Posters”. I fell immediately in love with this song, maybe because of the alcool or maybe because it’s a wonderful piece of art.

That night I forgot my earphones, so to keep listening to this song while cycling I placed the phone in my jacket’s pocket, with the music coming out from its speaker. I looked like a contortionist on a bike trying to keep my ear as close as possible to the tune while pedaling around Berlin.