New Forms

Roni Size/Reprazent
Release year: 1997
Original Cover

Roni Size/Reprazent -


Original photo by Tanguy Sauvin.


Typeface: Niveau Grotesk (I’m going to use it for few records, definitely)

Background Story

I spontaneously connect a song to an experience or a feeling. Whenever I listen to “Brown Paper Bag” I’m 17 again. I’m in a car with my two best friends, we just entered Paris after leaving Amsterdam many hours before. And we are looking desperately for a parking spot. But this doesn’t stop us from jumping on our seats Ali-G style at the sound of DnB. When I asked “Who is this artist?”. My friend, the travel compilation master, turned to me with a shocked look and said “You don’t know Roni Size??”.

Many years later Roni Size/Reprazent tour touched Berlin. I was able to go to the concert, while entering the venue I called the compilation master to nostalgically remember our past experience. He answered me, with a shocked tone “Who the fuck is Roni Size?”.