Signs of a Struggle

Release year: 2005
Original Cover

"Don't you ever get lonely, from time to time
Don't let the system get you down"
Mattafix - Big City Life


Taken from the London Calling Blog.


Mattafix Logo + Aleo Bold designed by Alessio Laiso

Background Story

This is the debut album by Mattafix, an English electronic duo originated in London. The most famous single of the album, Big City Life, has been the soundtrack of my last high school trip. We went to Barcelona with the ferry. That journey will always be impressed in my memory.

I wanted to represent London (the “Big City”) where the members of the band are from. And the struggle, so I found this piece of street art that it an union of both. It’s a collaboration between Alexis Diaz & Elian painted in Brick Lane.

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