Street Halo

Release year: 2011
Original Cover

"Me and you know
this is love"
Burial - NYC


DIN Condensed by ParaType.

Background Story

I adore each and every one of Burial’s releases. But this EP is certnainly my greatest addiction. With its deep and dark vibes is the perfect music for a bike ride through Berlin’s nights.

Initially remaining anonymous, Burial became the first artist signed to Kode9’s electronic label Hyperdub in 2005. Now his identity is well known, after it was revelead by the Indipendent in 2008. Finally in 2014 he published a picture of himself on the Hyperdub website to calm down the stressed requests and wanderings. In all these years he never played live.

“Yeah, I’m just a well low key person. I want to be unknown, because I’d rather be around my mates and family than other things, but there’s no need to focus on it. Most of the tunes I like, I never knew what the people who made them looked like anyway. It draws you in. You could believe in it more.”

Good marketing or reality?

Additional Info

Wire interview in december 2012.

Burial’s face.